Impossible to run a snap

I installed green-recorder but misses of Launch button and I don't find it on the system.

Who is its maintainer?

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A new situation to me, now I see it's archived, so this means that any archived package that I find on Software Center will have the same issue? And then which other circumstances can make me face this kind of issue? So far I know about the possibility of games being installed on Windows virtual drive and not showing on my searches, at least this is what I could imagine from my other post, nothing else.

No, not necessarily.

I do not know if there is a New Maintainer that is managing the snap package. I have had no luck in finding this information... Though I admit that I am multitasking and have not whipped out my deerskin cap and magnifying glass just yet.

Not a very common problem, really. But when you run a containerized application, you will always have that risk of it being stuck in its container or it being unable to speak to the outside world.

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May I suggest that you use "GPU recorder" instead? It's far the best screen capture for Linux out there and it's the one I use to make all my show off videos.


If referring to your inner Sherlock Holmes, you should acquire a deerstalker hat to be authentic :slight_smile:

EDIT: I like the title of this thread. For me "impossible to run a snap" is intentional.


I would also use a different screenrecorder, as the software is not to be maintained.
My favorite is GitHub - vkohaupt/vokoscreenNG: vokoscreenNG is a powerful screencast creator in many languages to record the screen, an area or a window (Linux only). Recording of audio from multiple sources is supported. With the built-in camera support, you can make your video more personal. Other tools such as systray, magnifying glass, countdown, timer, Showclick and Halo support will help which works fine for me on Zorin16 pro


Once upon a time the first time I installed it its description was clearly saying to work only for Nvidia but now I don't read that. But fails anyway.

Thanks, I hope it's enough clear and correct, otherwise I change it :smile:.

Already tried once but recorded videos with low or choppy framerate.

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