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So I would like to point out three things in the maps application that could be improved (forgive me if I'm confusing). These are:

  1. I would like to see a view that displays how severe traffic is on the road. Maps on Windows and Mac does that.
  2. I would like to see an aerial view mode (a realistic top-down version of the original view). Every other map has it.
  3. I would like an individual button for every point of interest that shows information and reviews about them.

I know I'm pointing out things that have been done in other maps and there may already be this feature in Zorin's maps if I had looked hard enough, but these are only suggestions.


Which map application are you using?
To my knowledge, Zorin dev didn't develop any maps app
It must be gnome map so ask the gnome organization about your concern.
Or just open an issue in their GitLab/Github page

I’m using the maps application that came with Zorin (OpenStreetView?)

As I said earlier gnome-maps is pre-installed in Zorin os
just open an issue here :

and share your suggestions there

And the pre-installed version of gnome-maps is outdated
if you want new features and updates fasted uninstall the map preinstalled version

sudo apt remove gnome-maps

and install the flatpak version

flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Maps

Because all the gnome apps had a huge update recently

I don't think you will have much luck with the top-down aerial view. In short, the use of Mapbox tiles is simply too expensive for the Gnome project.

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I've downloaded the update and it did include info on points of interest (sort of, through search - for me at least), but it doesn't include traffic though, that's something I feel that is super useful for me.

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I would firstly install anbox:

Then get your hands on Magic Earth.

It came as the standard map application on my Google-free smartphone from Far superior to any other map application and has maps for the whole world at no cost and includes option of different voices.

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