Inactive writable password in login zorin lite

the placeholder for type password can't be active to write it when i come back from suspend. i use that app lightdm gtk+greeting settings to change background of login

This has happened to me also. There's probably a solution but I just reinstalled core. But I do have to say that it hasn't happened since I bought and installed 16.1 pro.

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If you are using the NumberPad to enter a password, ensure that Numlock is on.

Ensure that the drivers initialize prior to login

sudo apt install --reinstall xserver-xorg-input-all

Sometimes, an application left running during suspend can build up errors and cause this - it can happen on GDM, SDDM or LightDM. Test if killing certain apps result in this problem Not appearing.

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How i can do that? I only left file manger and ms edge browser. I notice that happened when I come back from suspend after a long time, if short time that problem doesn't occur

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If it happens if left in suspend for long periods of time, but not short, this also suggests it is errors accruing.
How much time does it seem to take?

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Wonder if it is the old screensaver issue in xfce?:

Unless you are using Zorin Lite for work and nothing confidential, why not remove the option required to enter password when coming out of suspension?


I don't know , may be 30 seconds for long periods , and less than 15 seconds for short period. when I get that problem i restart my pc from power button of pc, and i get auto mount for all partitions with open file manger automatically.

in the link reddit of the post of swarfendor437, i found they talked about that "2 screensaver daemons running. and they removed or disabled xfce's native and setup xscreensaver instead".
I go to my task menu and i found two screenserver preferences ,

  • may be the problem of lightdm gtk_greeting settings which i used to change background of login which it's not default in zorin lite?

that is synaptic package manger, there r filter for screensaver packages

No, you have xfce4-screensaver and xscreensaver, as covered above.
Xfce4-screensaver is the native screensaver.

Same here, I got past it by plugging in the flash drive with the system on it, then I could log in as normal?

*if I removed xscreensaver, may solve that? or
*if I reinstall xfce session, may that get me the default settings and solve the problem? or
*may be conflation bw the rest of kde de that i have removed? or
*may be some thing related with settings of session and startup?

It could be. I would begin at removing Xscreensaver.

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sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove xscreensaver, i removed xscrrensaver and it's working good until now.

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