Install on VLAN using ESXI- Assistance

Hi All,

I'm new to Linux and Zorin.

I am trying to install Zorin on a VLAN using ESXI

I setup the port in ESXI for the vlan.

Then created virtual machine with following settings:

The installation completed without errors except for not being able to connect to the network interface. I changed the DHCP settings to static addresses.

However I have no internet access. The vlan does have access to internet via the firewall as there is only one rule now. Allow all traffic.

I did a load of googling but none of the solutions for installation on vlan seemed to work.

I would really appreciate assistance with this. What am I missing or what have I done wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Gday @Emm , Welcome to our community!
Running via VM isn't recommended,
First try this,

Alternatively: " Try " ZorinOS via live usb drive,

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