Install unix inside unix

It is interesting how many people loved a "apple".
I was wondering if I using Zorin inside a proxmox then i can also using a macos os with passtrough gpu with nvidia or amd drivers.
This propably can gived native drivers correctly working on Zorin and macos together. Of course we can choose another some operating system example a windows.

Have you checked into Hackintosh?

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Is that still going??

I had Tiger, like the second one that came out. On a Pentium 4, Dell Dimension 4500 and under a gig on RAM! But.. it was MacOS!! If it's still going.... I have an old laptop that I may have to try :smirk:

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@PlumpKibbles @Aravisian Yes I tested Proxmox VM and inside hackintosh and many others like CasaOS homelab and windows 11.
@PlumpKibbles I have some stuff hardware and wondering build hackintosh.
I have now on vm workstation player.

Besides I found the windows can be customizable with Rainmeter.

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I may have to pick up an old Mac to play around with, again. Gave the other one I had away to my brother to use, running Mint though. He probably won't touch it; his GF wanted it mainly for photo stuff and editing. Couldn't even say if it's been turned on at all, actually lol oh well.. to eBay!

I am wondering macos is open source but copy something broken a law EULA. Then this is free but doesn't? Weird conclusion. I am just curious why this is to very expensive? Last time I saw macos repaired something with temperature on amd gpu graphic cards. That means they resolve problems on the, machines hardware and operating system? Isn't people who using linux doing the same?

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I do remember seeing something about the software.. Apparently it used to be "free" with purchase of the hardware.. or something like that - and something in the EULA about it being 'illegal to install on anything but Apple certified hardware' ........ The same group that stole ideas from Xerox and others for their GUI! :rofl: :rofl:

But absolutely - I've been doing that for years with my own junk :grin: Doesn't stop with PC's, just got a Linux radio installed in my Dad's older Xterra - breath of new life! Backup cam and all haha


Funny how Microsoft & 3rd party software makers are adding features to windows that have been available in Linux for years. I do use rainmeter on windows. Beware of the EULA on some of the customization software for Windows. Windows 12 will be adding a floating taskbar as seen on KDE Plasma.

Cool. I reading Photoshop will be implemented in webbrowser.
I wondering to test hackintosh and it is better on bare metal or some type proxmox?
It is good to gived a shoot?
I am little afraid when it get some updates it will stop working.

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