Install Windows 7

Hello guys,

I need to install Windows 7 on my system, what is your suggestion, I want this OS just to install an old version of Photoshop, I can't work with Glimpse and GIMP.
Dual boot is better, or install on virtual box?
I need it for using Photoshop once a week.

My PC details.
CPU Intel Core i3 4th gen
MB Asus Z97-A
SSD 240 GB
and Two HDDs for my data

If you do not need much computer power, virtualization is the way to go. There is no need to reboot the system every time you want to use Windows. You can also save the files in the common directory for easy access from both Windows and Linux.

I have to run Windows VM everyday.
I use virtual desktops to switch between 2 OSs in no time :slight_smile:

I prefer VMWare Player (free for personal use) over VirtualBox myself.


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