Install Zorin 17 core?

Hello i burnt zorin 17 core to a usb stick,and i am currently running mx linux on a mac mini with a windows keyboard,using a wired keyboard i press alt key on reb boot but it does not show my usb stick with zorin on it,i also tried from a dvd but no lusck,any ides please?
thank you.

I assume you boot to existing MXlinux on internal drive. Cant see Zorin USB using Disks or other partition app?
Have you tried pulling out the USB stick then reinserting it?

Are you saying on reboot the ZorinOS bootable USB does not boot.

Do other bootable USBs (e.g. MXlinux USB) boot OK?

I don't use Mac. But from what I have just read on web here: Startup key combinations - Apple Support, holding Power key or Alt depends on if it is Apple silicon Intel Mac.

i installed mxlinux from usb stick,i have zorin iso on usb and dvd but it does not recognize either of them?
thank you.

Did you check the SHA256 of the downloaded .iso before burning to USB?
Which tool did you use to burn the USB?

i used mxliveusbmaker and i am not sure how to check sha256?

3.5 GiB (3,757,055,235 bytes)

This describes how to check SHA256 checksum using QuickHash,


this is the sha256

this is the usb stick sha


You might need to use rEFInd on the MacMini:

I would not use MX-Linux USB Creation tool - that has been specifically designed to create a USB of MX-Linux, not other OS's. Ventoy will not work with Macs. I suspect you will need to use Balena Etcher as it does work with Macs.

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Ok thank you.

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