Installation only allocated about half the disk

I thought I was going crazy -- I checked my disk space and there was way less than expected after basic installation and a few additional app installs. My 250G SSD displayed ~90+G of free space out of ~125 total.

Turns out the installation allocated an extended partition of about equal the usable space from the OS installation. So the entire disk was not allocated for the Zorin installation, only about half of it.

I was able to mount the extended partition, but that wasn't really the setup I wanted. Not sure if I did something wrong, but on Googling I found that Ubuntu apparently installs this way by default (?) and I saw some complaints about it.

To resolve, I booted up the live USB, installed gparted from the terminal, deleted the extended partition, moved the system (OS) partition to the left of the deleted partition and then extended it into that space. I can confirm that worked so that I now have full disk access without a separate mount. But ... question remains ... is that the default way to partition now and what is the advantage, or did I just mess up? I'm sure I'm behind on the way things are done now. I see where some like to allocate multiple partitions so maybe my "fix" was the wrong thing to do.

Anyway -- posting this here in case someone else has the same issue because it's not necessarily easy to find via search.

From memory, this is the second report of the installer has not allocated all the actual drive space to ZorinOS when it is set to wipe and install as the only OS. presume that was your choice, not the "Something Else" method that gives you full control of partitions.

If you post a Gparted screenshot of that drive, it will give us something to comment against.

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Yeah, unfortunately I already resolved the issue by combining the partitions. It wasn't difficult to do but I went ahead and posted in case someone else new runs into this.