Installed on a 2nd PC, went fairly well

Got the infamous Dell 3-4 error so swapped and cleaned the memory and it started.

I booted from the thumb-drive to make sure everything worked. But made the mistake of then formatting my HDD. When I installed Zorin on the SSD, my HDD was owned by root and I had to login. So I used my trusty sudo -i nautilus to take control of it.

I was told you could put Home on another drive during installation but couldn't figure it out. So I made alternate folders on the HDD and created a link to them in Home.

I forgot how to prevent login prompt when resuming from Suspend. Finally found it in Privacy.

One good thing, I found a version of Pinta that uses dark mode. Cool.

3 more PCs to do.

BTW, I highly recommend an old Dell OptiPlex 3010 quad-core for $70. Add an SDD for $20 (has a bracket and spare port) and some more memory for $10. For $100 you have a fairly decent PC that will easily run vids full-screen at 1080p (most people's monitor rez).


Buy two so you can swap out the parts to diagnose any probs. Parts are cheap. These are made to work on. Built heavy. Don't drop it on your foot!


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