Installed zorin 15.3 core but no idea how to connect to wifi

Well the details I have just looked at online point to a fairly recent (2014?) and decent spec laptop.
I am wondering if Z16Core Beta may be worth a try, to make use of latest drivers etc.

Edit: Note Z16 Core final release is expected to be be out on issue tomorrow. So maybe wait for that.

In any case, @mipak can you please tell us the spec of the particular laptop you have.

hello threeten ...
thank you for that ... i can cross it off my 'to do' list now ...
today was the first time i posted here on the forum and quite honestly, i found the whole thing like trying to get core working very complicated ... all the blurbs i've read up about zorin have been very positive but nothing about the problems that can appear. the reason i chose zorin was that it was similar to win7 which i used since it was released. w10 was and still is the pits ... very controlling ... and i used that for 3 years till i reverted back to w7 a few months ago ... and now i'm here. anyway, enough of me waffling on ... dinner's nearly ready ...
maybe talk to you later ... cheers and thanks again, michael.

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You're quite welcome, @mipak.

There is a learning curve to using Zorin (Linux operating systems vs W1nd0ws), so you'll have to be patient while navigating through the differences. If you give it some time to become familiar with Zorin's features and benefits, then I'm fairly confident you'll enjoy using it.

Also, before you remove Zorin OS 15.3 or install a different version... be sure to follow my screen shots above to find your specific E7440 specs and share those details with the Community Members in this thread. Afterwards, they can offer suggestions as to which Zorin operating system may work best for your laptop.

No worries... hmmm, waffles for dinner sounds good :waffle:.

Sure thing... enjoy your evening.

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hi again ... just a quick question before i go ...
wasn't thinking straight re. deleting core ...
how exactly do i delete it?
have no idea where it is or what name it is now ...
or perhaps it's easier to simply format the drive ... then again, i don't know the prosedure using linux.
thanks and 'night.

@threeten ...
i will do as you suggested re. my laptop' specs ...

Yep, that is all you need to do. You can insert the Installation Medium and at the installer, choose "Install Zorin Alongside" option to install Zorin OS lite as well as having Core, and you can switch between them to compare. This option will divide the available drive space into two.

Or, you can choose "Wipe drive and install" which will Install Zorin OS Lite on the entire drive.

@aravisian ... just before i finally shut down last night, i went through one of tthe zorin sites headed ' Thanks for downloading Zorin OS!' and clicked on 'How to install Zorin OS' which led me to 'download balenaetcher'. this led me to downloading it. the instruction said to put the file with the zorin lite folder. i
what is annoying me is that i cannot find your previous advice that i saw on the zorin site but that's my fault.

but that's where i'm at at the moment.
ive got both the file and the zorin lite folder on the usb memory stick which is plugged into my dell laptop.
i'm not sure how to move on from this point.

If you are using Windows, I recommend Rufus Etcher.
On a Linux Distro, I recommend Unetbootin.

Balena Etcher has a long history of frying USB drives.
All you need to do is open your Etcher Program (whichever you are using) and burn the Zorin OS ISO to the USB drive. You will need to Move your downloaded files off of the USB drive if you are reusing the same one.
Once the Etcher has completed, ensure the USB drive is plugged into the computer you want to install Zorin OS on and boot up - then hit the F12 key to enter the boot menu - select the USB drive to boot from.

@threeten ...
no, i didn't have waffles last night ... but the comments in your last post last night made me think that you're not in the uk ...
a waffle is a kind of a pastry with syrup over it but waffling (with the ing at the end of the word) basically means talking too much so nothing to do with food ... and i had a curry ... :slight_smile:

is it really necessary to install unetbootin to enable lite to run smoothly?

and how do i activate the z/lite programme that is waiting to be installed on my dell comp?

Unetbootin, Rufus and Balena Etcher are all USB bootable Media etchers. They are independent software and have nothing to do with Zorin OS.

What they are for: Helping you to Create a Bootable USB Stick containing the ISO of Zorin OS. These programs use dd for you, minimizing the risks of using dd and setting up the ISO into a copy that can Boot on your computer.

Which etcher do you prefer to use?

i think unetbootin is the best for linux from what i've read about it so far ...

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Ok, open and run Unetbootin. It needs root permission, so it will ask for your password.
A window will then open for Unetbootin software.
The top portion deals with a custom build, so ignore that.
The bottom portion is the one you want:
DiskImage - click the box on the left of that.
ISO - stays the same.
THe three dots (ellipses) at the far right of this line - click that and navigate to where your Zorin OS Downloaded ISO is. Computer on the left pane, then on the right, home, your username, Downloads (if using Linux.) Then doubleclick the Zorin OS ISO to add it to Unetbootins builder.
Type: USB Drive. Drive: check that this is the correct drive- should look something like /dev/sbc1 or something like that.
Then click the OK button and it will begin formatting the USB stick and creating the bootable copy of Zorin OS.

Once it is done, eject the drive and plug it into the computer you want to install to.
Boot and hit F12 at the Computer Splash screen to enter the Boot Order. Choose the flash drive and continue to booting into Zorin OS Live.

will be back in about 20 mins .......

thank you for your detailed 'how to ' post ...
i'm sorry ... but i'm a little confused ...
i've read it through about half a dozen times ...
i can only work the laptop which uses w10 because the other laptop, dell, is still installed with zorin core... and not working at the moment because i've yet to install zorin lite.

i'm unable to open the file unetbootin-linux64-702.bin because the extension is in the bin format.

i downloaded the new zorin lite iso programme onto the w10 laptop and put it onto a separate usb which is plugged into a usb socket at the back of the dell laptop.

You need to move the Zorin ISO to the Windows - anywhere you can find it easily. The desktop or a Downloads folder...

You can get a Unetbootin.exe from here for Windows (You can trash the .bin file you have if you want):

If you prefer Rufus:
If on Windows, you can easily get Rufus:

Once you have Rufus, open it and follow the Prompts to burn Zorin OS iso to a Bootable copy on USB.

that's all i can tell you at the moment ...

okay ... i'm sorry i'm putting you and others to so much trouble ...
i'll get onto it tomorrow morning ...
take care and thank yopu so far ...
cheers ...

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hi ... i have some progress ... rufus was downloaded okay but the d/l of zorin had to done twice because the first attempt suddenly stopped just before the end. the 2nd attempt was ok and loaded into my dvd memory stick, after which, the zorin lite was t/frd to the now bootable dvd memory stick but here comes the problem.
the dvd is in the the socket in the dell (zorin) laptop but i don't want to mess things up by pressing the wrong button.
earlier on this afternoon, (i'm not sure how i did this but must've pressed something within the zorin icon and saw that i think was something like zorin 15.3 in one of the little windows (left column). been trying to find it but w/out success. also about a week ago, i saw a window that had a complete zorin 13.3 file name in it and a couple of active buttons on the right hand side which i thought might be a benefit if i followed it through. it took a while for the blue line to complete the line to the right but it didn't seem to do anything.

but that was then.
the important question is:
how do i activate the bootable dvd drive to install zorin lite. if my memory serves me right, it's during the installation that it asks if i want to keep the core installation with the lite or have the lite by itself ... i prefer the latter.
i have the downloaded unetbootin.exe file still sitting on the windows laptop but because i used rufus, i didn't know what to do with it.
finally, on the matter of wifi, at the moment i've been getting mixed reactions from the laptop ... sometimes wifi seems to be active and then it's not but all the while, the wifi indicator on the black laptop case is glowing on. hopefully lite will come up with a solution.