Installed zorin 15.3 core but no idea how to connect to wifi

hello again ...
from what i've read, i have to make sure that before i install 16 core, i need to tell the 'installation' process where to install v16 otherwise, as far as i knew, it could be anywhere.
as regards the boot order, i mean the download to install into the zorin distro ... i don't know what is behind #0 or #1 etc ... there are no names ...

all i see, and am trying to learn, most folk say that it's easy to dl & install zorin so i don't know why i'm having these problems.

i (think) i've got to the point that rufus is on my new usb 3.0 as is the zorin os 16 core iso file. as from what i've been told, (without being told otherwise), it's at that point that i reboot and within a minute or so, rufus appears and does whet it has to do and converts the usb to a bootable one then zorin appears and starts to install, asking a couple of questions whether it's a duel boot or just zorin etc. and that's just about it.
but at that point, 16 core doesnt install.
and that's all i know.

i'm sorry if i appear so dum but i am swimming in all this despite the fact that i'm also actually enjoying working with zorin.
i live on a very tiny island off the north west coast of scotland and i don't really know anyone (as a close friend) so it's very difficult for me to just pick up the phone and ask a question.

sorry for waffling ...
hope to hear from you in due course.

Rufus does not work for Zorin 16.
Use Etcher instead.

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Rufus or belena etcher or unetbootin need to be installed in your windows, not copied to the usb you are going to place the iso on.

Whichever iso writing software you want to use, open it. Make sure the only usb thumb drive plugged in is the one you are installing the iso on (reduces confusion).

In one of those iso writing apps, hit the three dots (...) and choose the iso you want to write (zorin 16, zorin 15.3, ...) (if rufus choose iso method not dd) hit ok.

It will take some time, and then say finished or ready.

Remove the usb and go to your Linux laptop. Put it in and boot up, hitting f12 or entering your bios (f2/del), you are trying to get the boot order changed temporarily. The list of options will be confusing, but one of them will have "usb" (without quotes) in the beginning of the title. It will most likely be the last entry. This is what you want to boot from. You will be given an option which to boot, zorin, zorin (safe graphics), zorin (nvidia drivers). Choose zorin. Choose try when it gets there and you'll be loaded into the zorin 16 gnome desktop.

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hi ...
thank you for your suggestion ...

i started from the top using unebootin including the 3 dots (but i didn't see any choice between 16 / 15.3).

i clicked 'flash from file' but the hard cdrive light near the keyboard is flashing very slowly but i still can't getting any responce from the 'flash' button.

the above was the second time i re-started the exercise. the conversion from a standard usb to a bootable usb wasn't able to start ... in both occasions, i got as far as (not hitting) the flash button.

have to go in a minute but should be back here tomorrow.

hi ...
i was "paging" through a number of different sites this evening, basically all to do with trying to get unebootin to work and enable it to convert my usb flash drive into a bootable drive.

must have pressed a active link ... didn't see what it was ... happened very quickly ... but all of a sudden, it was active and started a countdown clock. watched it for about 30 minutes then was called away ... returned after 4 minutes but was unable to find the particular page anywhere!

now, i don't know how to access the usb, which is still plugged it to the laptop, to check if it is bootable and if it is, how will i then be able to find out ... what do i look for?

assuming it is bootable, according to the zorin site, think it then needs to know where the 16 core file is located and i don't know how to do that?

i tried to t/f the 16 core file onto the 64gig bootable usb but it came back with a msg that there was not enough space left on the drive. i have the file in the download folder ... quite safe.

i think i need to warm boot the laptop then 16 core should start to install etc ... and then, it should be on the computer ...

hope to hear a solution to the way out, hopefully to the finish ... so close.
thanks for everything so far.

Files downloaded go to the Downloads Directory in your Home Directory automatically.

Unetbootin will burn a bootable copy quite easily. Launch Unetbootin, then select the .iso that you have moved off of your UB drive and into your Downloads Folder. Do not try to write from itself to itself. This can corrupt the drive and the file.

thank you for your reply ...
did just what you suggested and d/l the file: unetbootin64-702.bin which ended up also in the downloaded folder which is where the zorin-os-16-core-64-bit-r1.iso file happens to be.
i single & double-clicked the unetbootin file just like i did to activate an.exe file in windows 7 but nothing seemed to happen with the .bin file. with not having been able to activate any .exe-like file in linux yet, i've yet to learn.

i assume that, after unetbootin has finished converting my usb, i can then warm-boot the laptop followed by an auto. search for the zorin 16 core to install.

hope to hear about the unetbootin activation.

It's easier to install Unetbootin from repository than to download it. In Windows, everything has to be downloaded and run with an installer.
That's Bloat. And breakage.
Instead, open a Terminal with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+t
Paste this line into it:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gezakovacs/ppa

Then hit the enter key.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unetbootin

Once installation has finished, you can find unetbootin in your app menu.
Open the app menu and type directly into it unetbootin and it should appear.

thank you ...
as soon as i entered sudo apt-get update etc ...
quite a long list appeared and ended with "E: repository 'cdrom'://zorin 15.3 core etc does not have a release file"
followed by
"N: updating such a repository can't be done securely and therefore disabled"
"N: see apt-secure (8) manpage for repository creation and user config details."

which ends with me waiting to tap another inst.

do i need to do anything with the above?
it mentions 15.3 although i'm meant to be installing 16.

finally, where do i find app menu and is it a text file where i can type in 'unetbootin'?

Are you running on the Live CD or Live USB or did you Install Zorin OS?
Can you verify whether it is Zorin OS 16 or 15.3?
In terminal run:

lsb_release -a

And copy / paste the output here.

well, i 'm aiming for a bootable usb (because i've not yet been able to create the usb to bootable) because my laptop doesn't have an internal cd/dvd drive.

definitely 16 core.

tapped in lsb_release -a
the reply was
no arguments are permitted

originally, i had 15.3 installed then someone suggested to install lite then it was suggested to instLL 16 ...
and that's where i am now ......

and zorin simply because it's similar to w7 ....

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I am multi-tasking and must be away from the computer for a bit during the workday. When we are both available. Let's see if we can go step by step to help you get set up.
Your needs are:

  • Lightweight Desktop Environment
  • Wifi Working
  • Installed on a USB drive


not sure what you mean by lightweight desktop environment ...

but yes ...
wifi + usb drive ...

i have bought an external dvd drive but not deld yet.

quite understand as regards your other duties ...
i have a similar problem ...
but i'm sure we can come up with a workaround.

have just noticed a zorin os 16 core 64 bit folder and opening it up, it has the following subfolders and 2 text files as follows: .disk/pool/isolinux/efi/dists/casper/boot
and the two text files are:

could this be the uninstalled 16 core distro that i've been trying to get installed? i certainly don't remember this happening since i started this topic in august 16th.
i haven't dared to touch in case i press the wrong button.

have to go but back tomorrow ...

No, these are normal and supposed to be there.

thanks for that ... thought it was too good to be true ...

Hi, first off if you are downloading the compressed image the SHA sums are for that and not the extracted .iso! I know from Zorin 15 Pro days. I have just created a multi-boot system using MultiSystem which I posted on the old forum but can't find a link to the archive on this updated forum site. Had to use FerenOS as MultiSystem needs a Linux distro to create - well you could download the MultiSystem iso then use a USB creation tool in Linux:
My video on creating (but you need an Ubuntu based OS to create!):