Installed Zorin on a USB drive. Boot loop with "Reset System" error | Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 (AO1-431-C8KZ)

Using Rufus. The first thing the installer did was check some checksum thingy.

Perhaps using Universal USB Installer might be better as it makes the USB with persistence and run it on a Windows machine to save creating SD Card if possible:

What do you mean with the last bit? I don't have a third USB device with +8 GB, so I think my only option is to put the installer on the 16 GB SD card.

What I read was you used an SD card to install to USB. If you have access to a machine with Windows you could use Universal USB Installer directly to the USB stick and create persistence at the same time which Rufus can't do according to that link I posted.

Ohhh. So that would install Zorin to the 32 GB USB directly?

UUI says it's gonna create an MBR thingy. Am I stuck with legacy boot?

It didn't work. Booting into the USB drive in legacy boot only shows a small white bar in the top left corner.

Boot into BIOS with USB attached and see if you have a standard USB entry and a USB with EFI choose the standard USB entry and it should boot.

What do you mean by "standard USB entry" and "USB with EFI"?

I have an Asus motherboard and if I go into boot menu of BIOS it gives me option to boot USB 2 PMAP or USB 2 PMAP UEFI; thinking about it it's because I have Hirens Boot CD on the stick which has to boot in EFI mode. But if I do that MultiSystem does not work with my Linux isos

I only have the option to boot in UEFI or LEGACY mode. Booting in UEFI mode displays the "No bootable device" error.

Well if you boot in legacy mode you should be able to install to USB and when it boots you could always setup an EFI partition when manually partitioning the install.

Bruh? Installed Zorin on a USB drive. Boot loop with "Reset System" error | Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 (AO1-431-C8KZ) - #13 by DesolateIntention

Is this reset system error from USB or the cloudbook?

How would I know? I recorded the issue, though

Watched the video and all I can think is the Cloud book appears to be dead!

Zorin killed it then. Windows-To-Go works fine.

so what do i do now
am i stuck using windows???

The images you posted clearly show that Secure Boot is enabled in your BIOS Settings.
You also have TPM enabled.

Your USB Stick is not using UEFI which is why you are getting that error.

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I did have secure boot and TPM disabled, as those pictures were just so you could know what options my BIOS had, but in my troubleshooting attempts at fixing a different issue, I switched to legacy boot and back to UEFI, and that enabled secure boot.
After disabling it, the message disappeared, and I'm currently booting into Zorin! Thank you!