Installing 16 Pro version having 16 Core installed


I want to support Zorin OS community buying the Pro version but I have already installed the Core version. Is it necessary to format and reinstall to pass to the pro version?

Thanks in advanced

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No, you would be able to burn the .iso and mount it, then use it as a repository to install the premium packages.
In Software & Updates select the CDROM:ZorinOS to on, after inserting the LiveUSB medium.
Open terminal and use apt search to identify the premium packages, then choose the ones you would like to install.


@Bourne recieved an email after asking whether it is possible to upgrade to the pro version directly and their reply said that the feature would be available later this year...For now you can follow Araviaian's instructions.


ZorinGroup should probably automate this now that I think about it :thinking:

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