Installing An Compresses File

I Just Downloaded An File With .tar.xz extension I Don't Know How Should I Install The File Contained In It Please Guide me

What did you download ? A driver ? An application ?

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.tar.xz is like a zip file. You need to unpack it and see what it contains.

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I agree with others here, the info you have provided is far too vague to go on. Link to the site where you downloaded the file please?

Storm is correct, its basically a compressed file like a ZIP file that needs to be extracted. But the OS should already contain the tools to extract it by double clicking on it, and clicking extract.

But more info would be nice, remember, the more info you provide, the greater our ability becomes, in order to guide you. This is the way of tech support.


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Agreed with above. Just throwing a generic answer out there may not help you. A tar.gz file is usually very easy to install. But if it is a tar.gz of an outdated and no-longer maintained app that you do not need, installing it may do more harm than good. It's easier to guide if more information is provided.

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