Installing desktop environment from terminal?

Somehow, I managed to remove Zorin's desktop environment (I would guess I purged one package too many when uninstalling nVidia/nouveau drivers); now, when it boots, I only get the text console, no matter which ALT+Fn combination I choose (F1-F5 or F7). Normally, Alt+F1 was the graphical environment.
I still see Zorin-Desktop-Themes and -Sessions installed.
Which package(s) should I install to get Gnome back?

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sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop This will reinstall the zorin desktop for core (gnome). If you're in xfce (lite) you will need to use zorin-os-lite-desktop.

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I will try that command, thanks.

And I did do a search before posting, searching for "install desktop" and "reinstall desktop" but did not find anything relevant, with the most relevant being how to install a desktop environment from Synaptic, which, however, is not applicable for me as I do not even have Synaptic.
Do you have a particular thread in mind where this was answered? I would like to see what I should have searched for.

I also have problem when my apperance dissapeard and so on when i used a command sudo autoremove gnome*
after used that command everything comes on place.

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