Installing Notes-up

I like a the note taking app Notes-up. It is available in the software center via flatpak which I prefer to avoid.

The app can be installed via terminal if I add the Elementary repository. Hmmm. Awhile back I installed a screenshot app that I didn't realize pulled in a bunch of the POP OS repository. Long story short, I had to reinstall Zorin to recover. I don't want to set up that scenario again.

Any thoughts on adding the repository? Or in this case, would I be better off going with the flatpak option? If adding the repository, can someone point me to the instructions for removing the repository after installation. I couldn't find an appImage for this.

Here is the link to the instructions I found for installing Notes-up:

Last, if you're aware of a different Notes app that looks like Notes-up or UpNote that plays well without the need for adding a repository or going flat or snap, please let me know.

I just check their repo. It's quite old (Bionic as the latest), so the app might be outdated.

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I reviewed the files and finally - tested this by installing the repo and package.
Everything works fine on Zorin OS 16; and nothing intrusive, integrated or dangerous carried over.

I would deem the repo and package safe.

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@Aravisian @Storm

Thank you Gentlemen! I am going to proceed in a Zorin VM first.
This way I can learn, make mistakes and evaluate there before bringing to Zorin for real. As always, I appreciate your help more than I can express.

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