Installing programs on a second drive (internal hard disk)

I want to install a sd drive in my computer. While the operating system will go on the sd drive, I intend to install other programs on the hard drive, just as I used to do in Windows.
The information I have found on the internet about this is very complicated, especially for a novice like me.
Could someone help me? A simple solution, within reach of a newcomer, please.
Thank you very much.

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Why? You don't gain anything from it.

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The sd drive I intend to add to the pc is of small capacity (250 gb) compared to the hard drive (500 gb), however, I could appreciate the enormous speed the system gains.
On the other hand, I am interested in learning. In Windows it is relatively simple, however, from what I have been able to observe, in Gnu Linux it is quite more complicated.

You know you loose speed of the apps you want on the HDD instead of SSD.
I havn't tried what you are trying to do, but I guess it's something making /usr partition as most apps is installed under /usr/share. Then you properly wat /opt as well separated as well.
But flatpak and snap you can't do a thing about.

If you want complete control separate /opt and compile your software to that place

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I must agree with Storm on this. Any speed gains you achieve will be lost in other areas.
Windows and Linux work differently. In many areas, this gives Linux the advantage. But in some areas, Windows has an advantage.
I think that as far as making best use of space goes, what you seek to do is a worthwhile idea. Use the operating system exclusively on the smaller SSD and the use the HDD exclusively as Storage, for example.
But to try to separate out operation, then reintegrate it during use would be one step forward and one step backward as well as being a large headache to set it up.

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If it was me. I'll setup / on the SSD and /home or storage on the HDD. But if you are a gamer (steam) you properly want steam ad its games on the SSD.

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Thank you very much for your response.

Thank you very much for addressing my concern.

I wish I had 250GB SD, or HD even, on my Zorin rig :grin:
You can always use a partition on your 500GB for those really big files.

What's your specs?

@Storm. Who you asking, me or @alexandros ?
If me then see: What rigs are you all running? - #35 by zabadabadoo
Old, but runs Z15.3 well as our second laptop. Shares a 80GB HD with WinXP.

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It seems worse than the one I'm using for spare :open_mouth: the only problem I got with this laptop is the batter can't be changed - a builtin battery.

You probably could if you removed enough screws. Although not being a plug-in battery, a replacement may not be so easy to find. At least it kept you going whilst your main PC was in the shop.

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