Installing Windows alongside Zorin after the fact - order of operations

I already said in another thread that I wouldn't do this because Windows corrupted my Linux partition last time I booted it, but I have a very specific reason to give Windows one more boot before I can say goodbye to it. Don't laugh - the reason is to load up the Lenovo hardware controller app so that I can set up RGB profiles for the keyboard and save them to hardware memory, since OpenRGB doesn't support this device yet and probably won't anytime soon. Other avenues (VM, live boot Windows) have been exhausted.

I am on a Lenovo Legion Y9000X laptop which has an NVME drive, right now I only have Zorin installed on this, with one boot partition and one ext4 filesystem partition with my OS and my /home folder on it. I have a fresh Timeshift snapshot and a /home backup copied to an external hard drive (save some system files that have colons in their names :skull:, hopefully won't cause me regret) so I should be fine if things go south.

Anyway I want to clarify that this is the sensible order of operations to install and uninstall Windows:

  1. Shrink Zorin filesystem partition to make space for Windows
  2. Run Windows installer, which in my understanding will replace grub with WBM and make Zorin unbootable
  3. Boot Windows, do what I need to do
  4. Boot into Zorin with a live USB and run the boot repair app
  5. Boot into Zorin and hope that the filesystem is not corrupted
  6. Delete the Windows partition and reclaim the space for the Zorin filesystem

Please let me know what I can do to make this as safe a process as possible, and whether or not my NVME drive safety is at risk. The reply to my other thread mentioned "cascading" which I understand to be filesystem corruption, and I have had folders with random corrupted names appear in my home folder twice. But as far as I am aware fsck is run every boot by default so I have not stressed out about this yet - still I figured it would be worth mentioning.

I don't think that this is a Reason for Laughing. I don't like RGB. But especially with Mices You can't simply turn it off; You need the Program from the Brand to make that. And these ones are running mostly only on Windows.

With Keyboards You can have Luck that they have Shortcuts to turn it off. But when You want to customize the Light Stuff the Software is the best Option.

To be honest, that reads like a good Plan for me. The only Alternative what would come to my Mind would be using Windows in a VM but that You already had donne if I understand you correctly.

When I would plan to install Windows to keep it on the System I would go another Way. I would save my Data and then I would install Windows first and the Zorin.

I wonder if booting WindowsPE from a rescue disk would give you enough instead of full-fat Windows install. As Ponce-De-Leon mentions, it is easier to go from Windows to Zorin, than Zorin to Windows, but there are threads on here where that has been discussed before now, so maybe do a forum search before you proceed.
Oh, and do backup all your stuff before doing this.

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