Installing Windows App support

these issue on zorin os:

  1. slow
  2. wifi also slow
  3. Microsoft Windows not booting
  4. Zorin os efi not showing direct booting
  5. Windows app support not installing
  6. hash mismatch
  7. Koha a screen recorder also not working
  8. obs screen recorder also not installing

This one - You mean Windows App Support not working? Or do you mean Dual Boot with Windows OS not booting?

both Microsoft Windows also not booting and Zorin Os windows app support or wine not installing

call the ceo

Each of these taken separately, I would probably try to troubleshoot separately.
But taken altogether, it points to a likely larger problem.
Is one of the OS's installed as EFI and the other as MBR?

What is the terminal output for


EFI variables are not supported on this system.

bro please call the ceo i think he can do something. Its already 1 week

why the hash mistmatch

I do not have the Wine/Crossover CEO on speeddial or anything...

Let's say that you started the process of installing an application and in so doing, this was automatically cached in APT. But the process did not complete before the application you are installing received any update server side.
That can cause a mismatch. It is not common and the simplest solution is:

sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

sudo apt update --fix-missing


sudo apt --fix-broken install

We have performed all of these in the course of the thread above. We even took it further by purging the /var/lib/apt/lists/*

Has Synaptic Package Manager shed any light on this?

You will see that "cannot get a lock" on any Linux Distro if you try to run more than one installation management at a time. When you install, it locks dpkg to prevent critical problems.

The solution is to close any running processes that you do not need. For example, let's say you have Software Store open - then try to install with Synaptic. You must close out the Software Store first.

OK now next step

What does the command

sudo apt install wine64

yield in your terminal?

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