Installing zorin 16 login screen theme

i'm now using fedora, i'd like to know how can i install zorin 16 login screen theme. thank u

I would think someone in a Fedora forum would be better equipped to help you on that front.

i don't think so, because i can't find the gdm theme anywhere

I would think so, since Zorin and Fedora are different systems. If you're using Fedora the people over there will be more apt to tell you how to install things on their system.

Perhaps there is no GDM theme to be found. There are a few GTK Zorin themes though I've seen them. All you have to do is a simple google search for it and they will appear.

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i already have GTK theme, it doesn't change the GDM. no need to be rude

So because I'm not telling you where to exactly find a GDM theme (that may not exist) for a different system, I'm rude. Got It

Like I stated, if you're using Fedora it would be best to ask in a Fedora forum about how to install and find themes that work with their system. To find themes though, google is your friend.

Have a great day

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The GDM theme is included in the GTK theme on Gnome.
If you are already using the Zorin OS GTK Theme and the GDM theme is still not showing up, then there may be something different about your Fedora Build.
@DeanG makes a valid point that the Fedora Users may be faster and more efficient at knowing just what to do.

There are Fedora users on this forum, too and it doesn't mean no one can or would help you. You just may get resolved more swiftly asking on the Fedora Forum.

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It could be that the folks over on the Fedora Forum aren't as friendly a us folks over here especially when you talk about wanting to use something from another OS on Fedora ..... just saying ....

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