Insufficient space to install apps in VM

Hi, My first post here so hello all! I have been using Ubuntu for a few years but new to Zorin.

I have Zorin Lite 16 running nicely under VirtualBox on my Macbook, but I have run into a recurring error when trying to install new apps where it tells me there is insufficient space. To begin with this mainly affected Flatpak but now it seems to be all methods of installing including the Terminal.

I have a virtual disk drive set up in VirtualBox of 25gb of which just over 11gb is used. It's a long error message I have been unable to copy so will post a link to screenshot but in essence it says 28:No space left on device
Screenshot: Box

I think I need to be able to increase temporary file space, but I'm not sure. I'm not an overly technical user I'm afraid but enjoy learning and 'having a go!' :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any responses!

See if this helps (or hinders):

Thank you for your reply.
My VM is running in Mac OS so I'm not sure how closely I can follow that post, but thank you anyway.

I've ditched Virtual Box for Virtual Machine Manager. And there were some security issues recently with Virtual Box. First time I have seen Windows at native resolution as a VM! (Not for games I must point out!)

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