Integrate more options in backup app

Is there any way to add more options in backup option with Localfolder,google drive, network drive?

If using the default Deja Dup Back Ups, yes.

Click on the Folders to save button to choose the directories you want to back up. By default, Déjà Dup backs up your entire home directory. Click on the Plus (+) button to add more directories to your backup or the Minus (-) button to remove a directoryéjà%20Dup%20backs,not%20included%20in%20the%20backup.

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I mean add more options in dropdown with deja dup next with three option

Thanks for that sir .... :beers: ..... I love my Rescuezilla but it never hurts to have an alternative route to a problem ..... copied the instructions to my Libre Writer so I don't forget how to use it ..... :thinking:

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