Intel 11th Gen support - Tiger Lake

Hi team, I have bought an MSI Prestige 14 - 11th Gen Tiger Lake and I wanted to use it with Zorin but unfortunately, the current hw support is lacking of the proper drivers. I was able to activate video support thanks the installation of the latest Linux Kernel (5.11) but I cannot enable the sound card (Realtek ALC298).
I’ve tried to install the latest SOF driver (1.6.1) and only the output works. Internal microphone is not recognized. Any idea? Many thanks for any suggestion. Thanks.

Zorin 15.3 is not designed for the latest brand new hardware. Many are going to run into issues if they try to run it as you are. Infact, I myself am planning to buy a new computer soon, and I know I can’t rely on the current version of Zorin.

Worry not, the Zorin team dev’s are working on Zorin OS 16 as we speak, and will hopefully have it done and released later this year. For now, I recommend you look into POP OS. I took a introduction look into it already, and it comes with the latest Nvidia driver already loaded.

It appears to be an OS that is designed for a full multi-media experience including gaming, so I don’t think your going to have much issues with it. I am planning to use it and install it on my new computer once I get it.

Once Zorin OS 16 comes out, we can both jump onboard then. But for now, OS 15.3 is too dated for brand new hardware.

11th gen CPU ha? Is that an I7 or I9 Octa core? I gotta tell ya, I am super impressed with the technology we have today, especially if your rocking a 3080 GPU along with the 11th gen CPU, and a good 32GB to 64GB of RAM.

Thanks for your comment! The CPU inside this MSI is a Core i7 Tiger Lake with 4 cores and new silicon to accelerate some tasks like video and IA. Let’s hope to see the new Zorin as soon as possibile, it’s very polish and essential as I like. I didn’t look at PopOS but I will follow your suggestion and I will try it. Thanks again.

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