Interesting action by Edge for Linux

Was just browsing my Pictures (JPG) and clicked on one to open it with the Picture Viewer. It opened with Edge. I am not sure when Edge changed the default for JPG files but easily changed back with right click set default program.

I just would not run any application coming from M$. Who knows something might be scraping data? I already posted elsewhere that protonmail has discovered Outlook is data scraping, sharing information with its 801 companies for targeted advertising. I always remember how scary Windows 10 was when I was upgrading offline notebooks at work. When I connected them to the schools network where I worked it displayed all the accounts and machines at home running Windows and their computer names.

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Balena Etcher when i want opening some file link it want open with Balena Etcher on linux.

Oh, that's strange. Never seen something like that. It probably is a problem caused by the the browser itself

I would recommend just not using it