Internet is not working

Dear Respected Sir its important that
how can i reset my internet connection on ZorinOS because internet is not working from 2 days ago on ZorinOS system only?

Reason today i tried hard to solve my problem of internet connectivity but still not didn't work , i only restart network from systemctl commands stuff like that
I can't do anything without internet
Please help to solve it

Can you please post the output of

sudo lshw -C network

Also, please relay whether this issue began after an installation or package removal, after updates, etc.

I am using os from a month ago.
yeah after removal packages, also remove old linux packages & updates as remember also my os partition drive is reaching the limit thats why i try to clean stuff

This may relate, actually. If Root runs out of space during upgrades, packages can get corrupted. This can affect system files and performance.

How large is your Zorin OS partition and how large is your Root partition?

By your screenshot, the iwlwifi driver looks correct.

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My root file system partition is of 150 gb and remaining is 26 gb including 3 gb space is used by home folder and partitioning based on uefi

To be know os byself manage space for root and home within the file system drive

After a month? Root should only take up around 8 gigs at most for most users...
Have you filled home with a lot of videos and games? I ask because I wonder if something has been massively filling up error logs in Root.

Exactly it was filled but not from games but fully filled from virtual machines, snapshot backups from few days ago from now on
Also reached to 0 byte

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If you have a 5ghz router, you need to check this,

It also might be some interference from other devices near your workstation which will kill your WiFi or the other way around ex:- bluetooth or headphone transmitters. Linux needs extensions to counteract these problems.


Internet is working fine with all other devices except zorin os system laptop
But suggest anything from which i completely reset network in linux or kill the workstation etc

I understand that the internet not working is an attention-getting. But I recommend first resolving the issue causing the lack of space.

There is a larger issue and one that is known to affect the performance of other hardware.

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Can you install gparted via terminal,

sudo apt-get install gparted

Reboot machine, run gparted and use Take Screenshot to show us exactly your partition layout.

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