Internet Not Working

As I Woke Up Today Conneted My Wifi To My Zorin Machine I Seen That Internet Is Not Working On My Zorin Machine Instead The Same Wifi Was Working Perfectly In Other Devices Running On Windows Or Android Also The Same Wifi Was Working Perfectly Fine Yesterday In My Zorin Machine

Yes I Tried But Also Didn't Help

Was Wifi working on your Zorin OS installation previous to now?

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Did you perform an update?

Yes It Was Working Perfectly Yesterday Night But Today When I Woke It Stopped Wifi Shows Connected To Me But I Can't Browse Anything

How Should I Perform Update As I Told My Wifi Is Not Working On The Zorin Machine

I mean, had you updated prior to going to sleep.

If it was working... what were you doing in the computer?

Yes I Have Updated

Open software updater, wait for it to fail. Hit settings and go to the other tab. What driver is installed for wifi? Is anything listed other than video cards?

can anyone please suggest me some good anti-malware for linux which can check for windows virus

You can check out clam-av and clam-tk...

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okay and can you tell me how can i use eset online scanner on zorin os

Ah, I dunno... I never used it. :neutral_face:

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okay can you help in little problem i have video file which playing is perfectly in vlc and other software but the problem is when try to copy it i get this error
error reading file : input/output error

Conflicting File System or Permissions issue, it sounds like.

so how should i solve this error

I am actually very lost, right now.
You mentioned an internet error, then anti-virus and Windows viruses... Then a file transfer error...

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In an effort to achieve the simplest approach, the OP says that their WIFI shows connected, but no internet. This suggests to me that their router is working ok, as its providing a network connection. This has happened to me before in the past.

A good possible working solution is this, if the OP's internet modem and router are all one box, unplug it, wait 5-minutes, and then plug it back in. But, if you have a separate modem and router, meaning two boxes, this is the precedure.

Unplug the modem, then unplug the router. Wait 5-minutes. Then plug the modem in, then plug the router in. Wait a minute for everything to connect. Then try your WIFI again for internet.

I assume the OP is talking to us on their phone's mobile data.

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Windows viruses cannot effect Linux... if they do somehow infect wine, the still can't interact with the rest of your system.... different fs, different libraries.... no dll's... as well as sandboxed.

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