Intro New Zorin OS Community Member Andy

Hello in case your wondering my name is Andy. I have been using Linux for game testing for over 5+ years now. Anyways just thought I would introduce myself. Looking forward to getting to know the Zorin OS community. If you have any questions in the Zorin OS forum. This post will close in the next several months for replies.


In fact, it is now set to 3 month by the administrators :wink:


We can also change or remove it to adapt to the situation.

Welcome Afargo. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Afargo :slight_smile:

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Welcome Andy. I hope that you will lend your knowledge, experience and expertise to the forum as a whole going forward.

Two thoughts concerning your post:

(1) We encourage people with a question about Zorin to post the question to this forum, rather than DM a particular user, because (a) posted questions -- and solutions -- can be found by others who might have a similar questions/issues, and (b) posted questions solicit help from the community as a whole, rather than a single member, so person asking the question has a better chance of getting a solution.

(2) Your profile is hidden (see below) and there is no way a forum user can DM you.

Out of simple curiosity, are you using Zorin to test games at this point?


Yes and for learning software/programming slash work..providing software support. Thank you for the heads up.

O and I got rid of the offending DM text is their a way I can un-hide my profile or is that admin server end side (automatically un-hides profile since I have removed offending text?

Yes; click on your Profile Icon on the Upper Right side of the top bar. Move to the Last Tab with the Person Icon. Move down to Preferences and click it.
In this window, look to the left Pane and down to the bottom for interface. Click on that.
Now look to the bottom for the Other category and you will see a series of Checkboxes. One is marked Hide my public profile and presence features. UNcheck that setting.
Then click save changes at the bottom.

And wear something nice. People can see you now.

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I just want to take the time to personally thank everyone who welcomed me to the community. Your comments have been heart warming and I look forward to contributing to Zorin Community anyway I can. Thanks goes out to all members of this community for creating such a welcoming space!

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@FrenchPress may you please remove the flag I did accidentally to my own reply that I posted in topic "Zorin OS Is Being Pirated" message thread?

It has been already done.