iPhone Backup & iTunes Support?

Hey all! I finally gave my parents their new computer with Zorin OS on it and so far they love it! They haven't really had any issues with it, and once they learn what apps to use for specific things I think they'll be very comfortable. However yesterday my dad came to me and asked, "How do I access my songs on iTunes and how do I backup my iPhone?"


So here I am! I honestly never considered this question since my daily driver is an iMac. I know that iTunes doesn't have a Linux version, and my parents don't use iCloud for backups mostly to save money, so that's out. So I am wondering if it is at all possible on Zorin or Linux in general? Cheers!

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I don't know. But you might consider moving to a cloud that are crossplatform for safty, like Mega (which has an excellent linux support).


I'd have suggested the same.

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My apologies for the delayed response. I can have a look into Mega and see if that'll work. I should edit my post to add that not only is he looking to backup/sync his music, but his contacts as well.

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