Is "boxes" virtual machine app only available through flatpak?

I wanted to try it since i got many issues with VMM , i installed it from "software", but then I realized i selected "Flatpak", I removed "boxes" , however I don't know how to get rid of "flatpak" if it was set in my system. 1st question is it possible to install "boxes" from another server either than flatpak ? 2nd- how do I check if I got all the "flatpak" structure in my system? Thank you.

PS: I am not sure if Boxes came with Zorin 16 Lite which is my system. Now after automatic update is 16.1

sudo apt install gnome-boxes
flatpak list
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thank you ! that's what I called efficiency. i was able to remove flatpak by doing sudo apt-get remove flatpak and sudo apt-get purge flatpak.
As I am not and advanced user I didn't remember how to do it all together.
Just a quick question to learn: so everytime I type sudo apt install ... i will be installing apps from the official repos, right?

Yes, it will download from the repositories instead of flat and snap. Note: if you added unofficials PPA's to your sourcelist apt install will download from there too.