Is it normal to not have any countdown during the FDE process?

I had set up Zorin 16 and couldn’t find an easy way to FDE it. So I decided to reinstall it to do my FDE at the beginning of the setup.

I have a ultra slim laptop with 1 USB C port.

USB C & Power port share the same port.

During the FDE process I had to remove the USB key where Zorin setup was hold, to be able to add another USB C key, to save the recovery file of my FDE.

I have no clock or anything that give me clues about the end of the process. Is it normal?

In addition, now, I had to remove the key where Zorin was, to plug the power because I had no battery anymore. I’ve no error messages. Do I have to worries?

I did not know such laptops exist. :scream:
My RaspberryPi ZeroW (10 Euro) has a dedicated charge port apart from a regular USB port.

It looks like the whatever currently running is loaded to RAM. You might want to plug the USB back though when the system is reasonably charged up.

To make it for sure, I will ask @Aravisian to confirm this.

If it was me - I wouldn't risk that. It's a great way to get file corruption that will haunt you later.
Never remove the Booted Medium during installation.

He has only 2 options.

  1. Let the laptop shut itself down during the installation due to a drained power.
  2. Unplug installer USB to charge the laptop.

Apparently it only has ONE USB port for both charging and regular USB connection.

I suppose OP paid way more than that though.
It is like cars sold without roof are much more expensive than roofed ones...

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If it was me, I would get an ever-useful USB Hub. For a computer with only one USB port, he would want one anyway.
But a word to the wise: You get what you pay for with USB hubs...

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After some trial and error, I found a way to prevent USB port got a back feeding from a powered hub. Apparently many people damaged a USB port with one of those. My trick was to stick a piece of Kapcom tape over those 2 pins which carry electricity.

See for example:

@FrenchPress @Aravisian
Thanks for your feedback!

That laptop is extra slim and was cheap because not powerful at all. I bought it only for basic usages like Libre office apps and browsing internet during trips.

For a better understanding, I have to clarify points.
The PC have 1 USB C port (mixed with power) and another USB port but with tiny plugin. My USB C key is the Zorin bootable. I didn’t have a USB hub so I did what I did during setup of Zorin 16, without any issue at that time.
I didn’t expect that erasing disk option during FDE will take so long and I didn’t pay attention to my battery level before started the process, my bad.

I’m taking note of your advices and will follow them.

Also, I don’t want potential future issues, so I was thinking about to reformat the SSD before, because I saw few lines appeared fast during the boot, before the Zorin check that said everything was fine.

Thank you!

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I think you need USB C to USB A converter.

The one you proposed doesn’t free my power plug.
Depending on what USB keys I will use, the following one will be good:

I do not know your laptop.
Can you share the make/model?

Your USB adapter was right, my bad.
Laptop is Thomson NEO 360

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Note for those who will face similar issue:

It worked well for me. My adapter save me a lot of time and allow me to plug a security key (previously setup - password based on US keyboard) to register my FDE password during the setup. Perfect!

If you have not an US keyboard, you should do all the set up of Zorin with US keyboard selected, then when it has been done completely, add your language keyboard. Otherwise, you will not able to enter in your FDE.

Personally, I have chosen my own language keyboard during the Zorin setup then I had password error and couldn’t access to my disc, so I had to do what I’ve written above.

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