Is it possible to create shortcut?

  1. Is it possible to create shortcut in Keyboard Shortcuts to run specific software which isn't listed in the keyboard list.

  2. How to get a command for an software because I want to create custom shortcut?

In command you give the path of the executable. For example: /usr/bin/7z

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Thank you. How do I to find the path of the executable?

It likely is in /usr/bin - what is the application name?

Deeping Screenshot, Google Chrome

Note that I'm assuming you find the executable in usr/bin - if you don't find it there simply repeat the steps below ignoring the navigation to usr -> bin. Thus, you'll be searching from root and that will encompass all the folders where the executable could be located. Your file manager will show the location if you move the slider at the bottom toward the columns hidden on the right hand side. Ok, proceeding with the assumption to look in usr/bin (since it is likely where these executables are):

In your file manager, navigate to:
Lite (Thunar) - File System -> usr -> bin, search here for "chrome" or "deeping" or any keywords you want to use.
Core (Nautilus) - Other Locations -> Computer -> usr -> bin, search same as above.
In my example search screenshot, I searched for chromium and you can see that file is of Type "Program". This is what you're looking for - Type Program.

If you're using Core then you're fine, if you're using Lite and don't have a search feature in Thunar, then do this to add search feature to it (my screenshot is of Nemo which already has the search feature just like Nautilus):
a. menu -> edit > configure custom actions.
b. click on the + sign to open a new child window.
c. in basic tab, enter "Search for files" (no quotes) in the name box.
d. in command box, enter "catfish --path=%f" (no quotes) or choose something from the command parameters provided.
e. in appearance conditions tab, enter * as file pattern, tick all choice boxes.
f. click OK.
g. close and reopen thunar and go menu -> files -> Search for files.


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Thank you very much especially for reccomendation of Thunar file manager.

I've found quicker solution for the searching command:

  1. Send shortcut to desktop from start meny

  2. Open Thunar File Manager

  3. Open desktop in thunar

  4. Right click, select properties and open tab Launcher

  5. Copy command and paste it in add custom shortcuts

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