Is it possible to have a cascading main menu?

I know applications are divided into categories but is it possible to have sub categories & sub sub categories and so on

Trivial example

"Games" category with a sub category of "strategy", "3d shooter", "driving" etc ?

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If you are using Zorin Lite (XFCE desktop) there is a function called "main menu" which lets you edit/create (sub)menus.

@eyot. Can you remind us which version and flavour of ZorinOS you are using?

If you have Gnome flavour then I cant see how you can increase the nesting of apps beond the one level. However, others may know a way.
It may also be different on XFCE flavours of ZorinOS, but I cannot check that myself.

It is possible with XFCE.

Can you describe how?

Open terminal and issue the command:

Well... yes, but how do you use Alacarte (Main Menu) or MenuLibre to create Sub-Categories?

Click on the plus sign (+) on the left top to add directory.

That adds a Category directory... But is there an option to cascade that under an existing directory to make it a sub category?

If you select any of the category before clicking the plus sign, it will make a subcategory there.

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Got it; just successfully made one. I learned a new thing, today. :smiley:

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Wow, it sounds so unreal.
I knew something you did not know?
As you said somewhere collected brains are better than one :smile:


I am not so sure whether the OP @eyot is still with us, but I summarise how to create cascading/sub menu in XFCE desktop.

  1. Open Menu Editor from the list of programmes or
    from terminal (ctrl+ alt +T)

  2. Select the directory where you would like to create a sub menu and click on the plus (+) sign in a tool bar.

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You are always welcome here to ask questions.
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Maybe this can help you

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