Is it possible to share an application (not only data) between Zorin and Windows 10?


I have a laptop with 3 internal SSDs

  1. Win10 C:
  2. Zorin E:
  3. Data D:

From Zorin and W10 I have no problem accessing my data in the disk D:

The only application (apart from itunes…) that prevent me so far to maybe use Zorin as main OS is my e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird…

I am wondering if instead of choosing to install this application in C: (W10) I install it in D: (Data) would I then be able to use it from Zorin by changing the local repertory in the settings to point it in the folder in the D: drive…?
In the eventuality this work both clients (W10 and Zorin) would then share the same calendar, same settings etc…

Zorin can read Windows drives so you don’t need to install to D, Zorin can access all the stuff on C.
You can give it a shot and let us know if it works.

PS - I also strongly recommend asking here Linux - WineHQ Forums if ITunes can be run on Wine with all features. They may know how to get it working.


but for itunes I doubt of it. So far my understanding is that yes itunes CAN be used BUT that does not include the possibility to synch the library to the iphone.

I also held the strong belief that I couldn’t play one of my games on Linux but the WineHQ forum got it running for me. It didn’t cost me anything just to post the question on there and ask if anyone could help. But it’s your choice. Whichever way you choose, keep us posted on how things work out - it can help future readers when they have similar questions.

I have zorin and windows 10. for example I use Windows 10 as a place to install WinRAR and I use WinRAR on Zorin through Wine.
I only need to install the Net Framework, Directx and Visual C ++ Redistributable in WINE to make it easier to run software for windows in zorin.

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