Is it time to move from a Ubuntu base to Debian?

How are you uninstalling snapd? I found this very comprehensive post but I'm not sure if it's maybe a bit overkill or not. I thought a simple apt remove snapd would be enough.

It's not very comprehensive at all, it's uninstalling Snap and installing Chromium that isn't a snap. It's pretty straight forward actually.

If you don't uninstall Snap then when you try and install Chromium it will install the snap version.

I have Chromium and it is not the snap version. I don't want the snap version and if you do it through Ubuntu that is exactly what you get.

Maybe comprehensive is not the correct here. What I mean is that is more involved than a simple apt remove, so I'm curious about the many steps that are taken instead. Are they really required? Is it any different based on the distribution?

I do not install any Snaps. So I can skip the first step of removing any installed snaps.
apt remove snapd is enough for me, really.

Zorin OS does not include "Snap Store", so it does not need to be removed.
I think that script is geared toward ensuring that every last file is definitely removed.

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