Is libre office %100 comparable with MS Office?

If I send a libre word/excel/ or Power document to an email and the other person is using MS Office on Windows, will it be automatically be compatible to view/edit?

MS Office is simply the only good thing they (Microsoft) ever created.....A document written in libre office or any other office application is highly compatible with MS Office since it has an automatic feature called "compatibility mode". However the other way round is not true. Documents written in MS Office are not completely compatible with other office suites. But libre office is a good office suite and works very nicely most of the time.
I recommend WPS Office because it works the best.
Read my post here:

The snap version that I mentioned in that post was un-bloated by an independant developer and hence, it works very good.

The description says:

To prevent leakages of private data, the plug for internet is disabled, which prevents WPS to call home in China. Enjoy WPS securely!

Softmaker FreeOffice and OnlyOffice are also very good.


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I would say WPS Office is a star on this area regarding file format and conversion.

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The problem I’m having with WPS is that it’s hard for me to convert a writer document to a pdf file and also it won’t let me write in and edit the pdf??

WPS comes with a PDF converter app last time I used it.

There is an export to pdf option in WPS writer.
Do you get any error when you try to edit the document?
Which version of WPS Office do you use?

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I use pivot tables extensively so bringing over large spreadsheet pivot tables from MS Office into LibreOffice does not work. Also importing the other way does not work well either. So, the question was “Is libre office %100 comparable with MS Office?”, and for me, my answer is no . . .

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Yes for some reason when I try to save it to desktop, the writer document dosent show up in my desktop and it shows up in documents only. Then when I right click to open in WPS PDF it says it is,” unable to”

Are you using snap/flatpak of WPS?

It should work perfectly if you save it with the right format and use a font common on Window machines.

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Proprietary Fonts. Good Point...

On Linux, Microsoft Proprietary Fonts are not permitted to be included with a distro. But they can be installed after...


U should install them because everyone uses them.

I'm using WPS 2019 and it has PDF which it will convert but I can't get it to convert my .odt files .... when I click on a .odt file it gives me a choice to open with WPS or PDF .... neither file will open so you can read it ....

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The only disadvantage of WPS office is that you can't open ODF files.
There is a plugin for WPS Office which enables it to open ODF Files. Unfortunately, Linux version of WPS office does not support plugins. You will need to open the file in libre office/only office and save it in doc or docx format in order to view it in wps office.

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Thanks ...... I was afraid of that and have spent the last few days swapping the .odf files to .pdf format on the web ..... you can convert 5 files at a time with a limit of 25 files so it has been 4 days and a couple of more to go .....

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