Is Linux really more secure?

There were some complaints which led to its closure, yes.
However, there is a balancing act that can be necessary at times to ensure fairness.
The thread was not closed in order to silence someones opposition to an idea. It was closed due to exactly what you just said.

Disagreement does not close threads - Lack of civil decorum does.

Zorin ships with a firewall, whether you enable it is up to you. The sandboxing, that windows still can't get right if they are even trying, doesn't allow for binaries (Linux version of exe) to access the kernel unless you explicitly give it permission.

These two alone allow for security to be handled differently in each os.

The most insecure part of the computer is always the user.

The services offered by a computer publicly can further degrade the security of the system.

Windows has done many things right. But they also keep you from making changes to certain things, unless you really dive into the inner workings to find how to shut it off. Linux is freely open, change what you please, it's on you though.

With all of the differences, can a relevant comparison really be made?


@rolltide101x , your current claim or direction in this thread appears to be that we can never know the answer. That even researching is flawed due to untrustworthy sources or that they can contradict each other.
You appear to be saying the the debate is useless.

Is this accurate?

If so, I have two questions:
Why have you debated it so strongly?
How do we know anything? How do we achieve progress and developments and learn new things? How can we trust Knowledge, given that we rely on knowledge to treat illnesses, fly airplanes and make computers?

Note: The second question relies strongly on Classical Logic.

A more appropriate comparison is how secure zorin is to Ubuntu, fedora, suse and arch.

While each have their flaws, the fact that remote code cannot run at an elevated privilege without explicit consent, arguably, immediately gives advantage to those running Linux or Mac os.

Windows did a great job putting together and improving group policy, but that doesn't apply on desktops that aren't networked with a domain (or are home edition). This places home edition owners at a great disadvantage for a secure system. The fact that they don't ask security questions on install or setup is also flawed.

The same can be said for Linux. If you're going the way of Linux, unfortunately, you're still going the way of the power user and expected to figure it out in your own.

The only really secure computer is a bare metal install, not hooked to the internet being used as a paper weight. Anything else is in question.

  1. Mainly to make an interesting counter argument I know nobody else was going to. If I had not been here it basically would have been "Well we all agree Linux is the most secure". But there is an argument to be made for Windows as well.

  2. There are somethings we can verify and verifying this information takes a lot more work than looking into a few websites. But this is something that would take an astronomical amount of work to prove or disprove.

As I think about this; You could be right.

Yes, verifying things can be more tedious than a quick glance at a website.
But an involved and productive discussion is more helpful and achieves greater accuracy than arguing based on assumptions or speculations.
I do not think it would have been astronomical. Just more work than some may want to put into a forum thread they came across.

If you limit windows and Linux to only receive from sources which you originated contact, didn't offer services (which means turning things off in windows, not so in Linux) then they would be about equal.

The caveat is that Windows is targeted more than Linux, which in itself makes it inherently more secure. The lack of availability to run as root remotely is another leg up.

Both would be usable, both would essentially be secure, except for the user.

This is part of why I have said "All things being equal" before.

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It is for this reason that Windows has beefed up security where it could. Windows is far more secure than it used to be... And Windows Defender is much more solid than it was in its beginning.
Rather than using Windows Vulnerabilities to gain access, now most threats focus on targeting users with email or other social media to get their way in.

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This is exactly what I wanted. I wanted an objective look into things. Thank you both :slight_smile:

On both sides, the majority of issues come from the services offered by those machines, server wise.

Desktops are not targeted, but accessed because the lack of configuration.

Linux default configuration is, unless you're at the computer, you can't.

Windows default configuration, now, is: you can have access as long as it's on a local network. This is the real issue.

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Judging from personal experience it is definitely a lot better now than it was in the XP days. If you looked at a website funny you could get a virus lol

We aim to be objective. We are not one sided Linux only zealots.

The backdoors windows implements and their UELA are what drove me away.

I will still work on windows machines...i still game on windows, but everything else is Linux. It really is a better option for me!

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I am pretty sure that Artyom and Kyrill Zorin have a dart board in their office with my face on it, actually.

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That really is what keeps you in check for yourself. I really doubt the do though

I definitely lean Linux in pretty much every way. I absolutely love it and get as many people on it as I can (Who I think it is a good fit for)

But I try to be as objective as I can be and will take positions that I may not 100% agree with just because there is a debate to be had. Only hearing one side of the story does nobody any favors

You had to peek back in and see how it was going lol

You're right.

They probably don't. Because they do not have my face picture.

They use my avatar as the target.


There are AI Image websites to increase the quality so they can make it bigger as well :smiley:

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