Is the Software Center really easy to break?

Since I installed Zorin Pro 16, the Software Center has stopped working at least 4 times. Yes, it's easy enough to fix just by entering following command: sudo apt install -f --reinstall gnome-software

But, is it really normal for it to break this much or is there a problem with the center?

When I moved from Windows to Zorin OS, the Software Center was a long-standing source of aggravation.
It has some benefits and usefulness.
Switching to Synaptic Package manager alleviated all these problems.

Synaptic's better.

But... Synaptic is intimidating at first opening. And for new users moving from Windows to Linux, that may cause too much anxiety.
it helps to have the more familiar stepping stone of Software Store...
But once you have taken that step, I believe the next logical step is to ditch it in favor of the terminal or Synaptic package Manager.


Aravisian - I really forgot about Synaptic. Don't install a lot of apps but thank you! Synaptic Package manager will help . . .


Adding to this thread, I agree that Synaptic is the most robust GUI based package handler. However, I'd say Synaptic is not optimal for browsing and finding new apps. For that purpose, I recommend KDE Discover.

It's basically KDE's version of the software store app. It has all the features from the Software app, but it's more robust and doesn't break.

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Ahhh, another package manager question, excellent! This gives me excuse to recommend Synaptic to another user! What is the best package manager in Linux? Did you say Synaptic? Well then you guess correctly! Tell him what he's won Startreker!

You have won your very own FREE code to install Synaptic Package Manager wooohooo!

sudo apt install synaptic

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The part that is funny is...
I almost never use it. The rare occasions I open Synaptic, it is because I am checking something for a User Question on the board, not for my own use.

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I use both... well also CLI. But when I'm not happy Gnome Software Center I check synaptic or apt search.

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