Is there a way to change the animation style of maximize/minimize?

I just installed the distro.

The maximize and minimize animations have this abrupt quality to them, whereas they start off slow and gain speed over time. The effect it creates is severely aggravating me, to the point of making me regret installing the system. I am already sad I uninstalled Fedora.

Is there a way to change the animation? And if so, how can I do it? I know the animations can be turned off, however, it greatly worsens the UX, at least for me.

Using gnome tweak tool

sudo apt install gonome-tweaks

move to the "extensions" tab and disable the extension for "zorin-magic-lamp-effect"

It's already disabled. Besides, it's not the animation I was referring to. It's a zooming animation.

In that case, which animation are you referring to?

An animation where the window has its size get progressively larger.

I am not familiar with such an animation on Zorin OS...
Are you able to screen record this action?

My brother, please, ponder with me: if you aren't familiar with the basic animation Zorin has by default, what hopes do I have from getting any help from you on how to change it?

Unfortunately I'll have to uninstall the system. Such a beautiful system, but it had to tarnished by this unsupportable flaw.

Good point. I will respectfully leave your thread all alone, then.

Thank you for taking your time to reply, I do appreciate it, in spite of not having the issue at hand resolved. I hope you have a great day, brother.

I will leave this thread alone as well.

Currently, there is no known animation included as default in Zorin OS that gradually zooms in or enlarges a window that is maximized.
I have checked the Zorin OS Repository for such a package, just in case I missed knowing about it (I use Zorin OS Lite, not Core). But I found no such extension.

I asked for a Screen Record, as this sounds like a Graphics bug, rather than a feature.

While you are new to zorin and the forum, you may have inadvertently refused help from one of the few people here that could help you without web searching a solution. There is no animation as you describe as part of the default DE for zorin core.

Do you have accessibility settings enabled?

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