Is there a way to change the Zorin start menu emblem?

I’m curious if there is a way to change the ZorinOS start menu’s emblem/logo into something else, if anyone has an updated guide to do it, i’ll be more than happy.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, the Zorin Menu icon is located in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps and /usr/share/icons/hicolor/symbolic/apps
You can elevate to root, then replace those icons with something you prefer to use.
For .svg files, you will want Inkscape

sudo apt install inkscape

You may want to create backup files of both Zorin Logo Icons, first.
Open the file in Inkscape, then Click the Icon Image in the Inkscape screen to highlight it (It will box the icon in with little arrows all the way around it) and look on the top toolbar for two boxes that say W: and H:. These are width and Height and show the pixel size of the icon. It should say 16.000 and 16.000 for the Symbolic folder icon and 256 x 221 for the Scalable folder one.
You can then click the Cut icon on the vertical toolbar on the right.
Open the image you want in any image editor you want and resize to 256x256, then copy it, move to the Inkscape window and hit Edit> Paste In Place.
Make sure it is aligned in the existing box in the Inkscape window. Then hit Save and it is now saved. Now click the icon image to ensure it is highlighted and at that top W; and H; in the toolbar, click the LOCK icon between the two boxes and change the 256.000 to 16.000 and hit enter key. Locked, it should scale Both width and height.
Open the symbolic icon in inkscape, click the image, click cut, now back to the first window, click copy, back to the second, click Paste In place. Ensure the icon is aligned within the box and click Save.

Or you can replace them with a .png format file that each is properly sized to 16x 16 for Symbolic and 256x256 for Scalable under the same original names of each.


Thank you very much!

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