Is there a way to have all updates installed automatically?

It would be a real plus to me if all updates could be done without intervention of the user.
So would it be for people who don't care but doing their work and want to ignore the technical details and tasks.
Just hoping this hasn't been answered yet as I didn't find it.


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Yes, you can. It is called "Unattended upgrades":

sudo apt install unattended-upgrades apt-listchanges bsd-mailx

Got my hands full at the moment- but that should be enough to get you started; you can do a Net Search on "Ubuntu set up unattended upgrades" for details of how to configure it.


Thank you, I try ASAP.

After a few days, no update required by the system and no update suggested after manual request.
It seems fine.

Many thanks

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Today, manual updates suggested (Firefox & ZorinOS).
"sudo apt install unattended-upgrades apt-listchanges bsd-mailx " may not be the solution, after all.

I couple of possibilities are likely...
Can you check your unattended upgrade conf (configuration) file for Unattended-Upgrade::InstallOnShutdown "true"; and change that to say false?
Also this one:
Unattended-Upgrade::Skip-Updates-On-Metered-Connections "true"; Making this one false may also help if there is slow net or net droppage.

Is there any output in terminal from

sudo unattended-upgrades -v -d