Is there a way to hide extra top panel icons without removing them?

Using the GNOME layout, the panel has started filling up with icons from various apps and extensions I've installed. Is there a way to either put all extra icons into the system tray or add some sort of "overflow icon" that displays hidden icons (like the little up arrow on Windows). Thanks!

Are you looking for something like this?

Yes, but this doesn't seem to quite work. I found the extension before, but it only adds the three dots icon with an extra tray icon that wasn't there before. The other icons are still present (I've tried tweaking the extension settings, no luck).

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Same here. I'd love this extension to work but no luck.

I kinda found the solution

just disable the inbuilt tray icons extension (Zorin AppIndicator) and install tray icons reloaded, preferably through your web browser of choice and

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