Is there any google input tool software for working in zorin as provided by windows

As my office work is usually in hindi typing and i only use google input tool for that purpose my all previous work in word is done by google input tool, but in zorin i am unable to install google input tool, as my laptop is old and windows lags too much in it so i install zorin, but as i am unable to work in it how much time i will be on zorin don't know, please if somebody can help me with google input tool software for zorin.

How to install Google input tools in Ubuntu Linux

There is no official RPM or DEB package available for Ubuntu or any Linux distro. But there is a workaround you can use. Below mentioned are the two workarounds -

1.) Install Windows 10 as the guest operating system on Ubuntu 20.04 and run Google input tools

2.) Install Google Chrome and then install the Google extension for google input tools.


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