Is there way to delete files which are readonly?

I uninstalled Firefox and wanted to remove the leftover manualy but I can't delete them for example the /usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/
So is there way to remove them?

To use your File manager, elevate to Root. To open the terminal, use keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+t:

sudo -i


Now, you can navigate to the files you wish to remove, and delete them. Be sure to Close the Elevated Files when done to avoid catastrophe.

In terminal you can use sudo to elevate to higher permissions to complete an action, such as the remove rm command.

sudo rm /usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/


Thanks, I had to replace nautilus with thunar and now I can delete them.

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Oh... A Lite user eh?
You get ten extra points.

yeah :slightly_smiling_face:, love using the lite version but can't wait to try out zorin 16 on a new device.

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For so many things, including placing of theme files, you will learn, that you need to elevate to root privileges quite often on Linux to do it, its that whole security thing, you know, the one that Windows lacks and allows anything to install anywhere without permission, so that virus's can toast your drive?

Additionally, FrenchPress has a post on here about a thing you can install that adds a root admin privilege to the right click menu. I forget what it was called, I'm not on my Zorin machine today. @FrenchPress What was that called again?


Open as Administrator

sudo apt install nautilus-admin


Oh my gosh, you are amazing! Thank you for swooping into action with that totally stellar :star2: response. :blush:


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