Is this needed with Zorin pro or other versions?

Just wonder if this is needed? my pro version seems to be fine, do I need to open a terminal and install these extras? thanks.

I hate those video's, most of them are nonsense... Just getting that out of the way

You should install the Ubuntu and Zorin restricted codecs.

Best way is to install Synaptic from the Store... Then open Synaptic, search Restricted and install both Ubuntu and Zorin restricted and extras.


Thank you for that, my gut feeling was right after I followed the videos advice, and then had to reinstall because it just made things slower, as a newbie or as I should say an old/newbie, one thing I have learned is "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" thanks for the reply, take care. :thinking:


Must install or do is red flag to begin with. Install what you would like to try or use.

Must: be obliged to; should (expressing necessity).


the "Must Do" is mostly a buzzword here, and not meant to be taken to seriously

It's like when you tell a friend "you have to try this!"


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