Is Zorin 16.1 compatible with Wifi 6 routers?

I'm testing Zorin Core 16.1, the issue I have is that my wifi network doesn't appear but my neighbor's wifi networks do. Here is what I tried last night:

  1. Ethernet plugged directly into the router works fine, how I'm testing it now

  2. If I turn on my phone's mobile hotspot it immediately appears in the list of wifi networks along with my neighbor's wifi networks

  3. Checked for Zorin updates, it found a few so I installed them and rebooted. My wifi network still didn't appear in the list

  4. Checked the wifi network adapter in Terminal, Realtek RTL8188EE. I can see 5 of my neighbors wifi networks and their signal strength so I know the adapter is working

  5. Before I installed Zorin 16.1, this test computer had Debian and CentOS, both of these OS worked fine on my wifi network

  6. My internet provider is Spectrum, they have a list of 'Operating Systems No Longer Supported' that includes all Linux OS. However CentOS worked fine on wifi earlier this week, so I know it's not blocking Linux devices

At this point I'm wondering if there is something specific to Zorin OS that isn't compatible with Wifi 6 routers? Or what am I missing?

Try updating the kernel to the latest kernel.

Also bear in mind 5.11 was released in Feb 21 which means it would work with Ubuntu 21.04 which might mean waiting for Zorin 17?

I have 5.15.0-41-generic, 5.18.11 is the latest kernel so I'll try updating.

Looks like Zorin 17 will be released mid-2023 so if I can't get wifi working I'll revisit when it is available.

I might have found a solution!

" Re: Ubuntu 20.04 and AX1675 wifi not working

See if Secure Boot is disabled with

mokutil --sb-state

Then install the intel back ports with:

sudo apt update and sudo apt install backport-iwlwifi-dkms


Wireless Script/Code Tags"

[SOURCE: [SOLVED] Ubuntu 20.04 and AX1675 wifi not working]

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