Is zorin os 16 pro worth it

i just need $30 aud in my paypal to buy it dont know it its worth it i guess i have to wait to get more paypal im a aussie i have to convert to aud or i can sell my rare card to get zorin os pro from splitter land is it worth i think i know how to buy it now i have hive key chain i could sell this card to buy it

so should i sell the card and buy zorin os pro 16

You are not missing out much using the Core version.

The only differences Pro version offers are:

  1. additional desktop layouts
  2. pre-installed applications
  3. installation help directly from Zorin group

Since you have successfully installed Zorin already, you do not have to consider no. 3.

Any of the pre-installed apps can be installed in Software.
Additional layouts can be simulated by apps such as Dash-to-Dock or Plunk/Docky.

Majority of us purchased Pro version in lieu of making a donation to support the developer team which consists of only 2 people.


thanks dude so im not missing out much i guess i dont need it than but if i sell the card i will have over $60 usd

That IS a lot of money :money_mouth_face:

How did you manage to get it to start with?

i can buy it and sell the card for crypto and put it onto hive engin and put it into my p2p enchagne and swap it for paypal than i can buy zorin pro than buy it might go higher the card price if i wait i might be able to buy something with it

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It is amazing.
I know nothing about crypt myself.
But if you do a lot of online transactions, Linux is the way to go for security and privacy. You selected a perfect OS for your needs :slight_smile:

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so should i buy zorin os pro 16 is it any dif to core versoin

Unless you really need those additional desktop layouts I think you are fine with Core version.

i dont need the desktop layout than if that the only thing im missing out on they might make them free in a newer versoin they could dont know

Then you are OK with a Core version.


thanks for your help

I agree entirely. You have a smoothly running Zorin OS, already.

If you would like to make a donation to Zorin OS Development without choosing Zorin OS Pro, you can do so from the :about page.

Scroll down to Funding and you can donate any amount you wish.


Staying on core is good choice for you. Check some movie on YT channel diffrents.

I agree with the others, you have a successfully installed installation, of Zorin OS CORE. There is no need to mess with that right now. Aravisian gave you great feedback on how you can support the devs.

My opinion is that you should save your money. Also, save up, hopefully without selling anything. When Zorin releases Zorin OS 16 LITE, that would be the perfect time to buy PRO, and then install LITE.

Thats just an idea, not saying you should do that, just an idea, thats all.


If you select minimal installation then those apps dont get installed. So its only the layouts and direct support.


Oops, there was that option? :sweat_smile:
I overlooked it.


If I may just chime in and say, for how great Zorin is and how much work the devs for Zorin have been doing, I feel it is worth giving them the help in funding all their hard work. But that is just me. Not trying to guilt you and right now, money is tight for many around the world. Very understandable to ask and if it is between Zorin and say money for fuel in the vehicle, vehicle wins out for sure. :smiley:


I liked Zorin very much. I bet if someone show me many tips and how many things i can using on him i bet will using all time Zorin. Mostly i tried find some videos or tutorial how do that something then checked how it works.


I say it's worth it as a donation to show an appreciation to the team who's done a grand job. The additional desktop layouts are great to suit a person's needs when it comes to the way one navigate and uses the desktop environment. But like it's been mentioned, there are some gnome extensions that can simulate those layouts. They will not be spot-on but with a bit of tinkering, you can customize it to something that's comfortable to use.

On the plus side: it's made in Ireland :shamrock:

Cheers from America :us: :eagle: :beers:


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