Issue connecting Zorin Connect betwen LAN and WIFI


I am experiencing an issue when trying to connect Zorin Connect on my PC (connected via LAN) and on my phone (connected via WIFI). When I am connected to the internet via LAN cable, the devices are not discovered or recognized by each other. However, when I switch to a Wi-Fi adapter on my PC, the devices are able to connect and communicate successfully.

I have checked my network settings and there doesn't seem to be any specific configuration that would block the communication over LAN. I have also verified that my LAN connection is working correctly for other internet-related activities. Additionally, I have confirmed that the devices are connected over LAN and over Wi-Fi on the same subnet, and that Firewall is turned off.

Is there a known limitation or configuration step that I might be missing for using Zorin Connect and KDE Connect over LAN? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.