Issue with font displaying while doing an update

Hi guys, I don't know what happened, suddenly the font from my text, terminal .. got messed up and displayed like encrypted while doing an update

please check screenshot

What is this? I did an Alt+F2 then r but didn't work

Are you referring to the text / fojnt in your terminal? Or all text?
Your screenshot looks like an open Gedit.

I've had that same problem recently. It happens to me when I do apt update && apt upgrade, after a clean install while customizing my desktop. I just figure that I should not customize while its happening. What were you doing when it happened?

Hi, yes i was referring to the Gedit text, I had 4 tabs all the text in there was just messed up like if i was hacked or if the laptop got a ransomware virus, this is not acceptable from Zorin, Linux is supposed to offer security and smooth functionality while running, I have some important text in a tab and it's like encrypted. what to do now?

i was doing an apt-get update only, and suddenly i noticed that the text was not english or any language, damn it Zorin maybe i should think about another distro

I just tried to recreate the event within a virtual machine with no luck. I'll try poking around some more.

I just created a new Zorin virtual machine and was able to recreate whats happened to me. Seems to be going on when I open up the store while doing the initial updates. I know software updater is active in the background and I could have just used it but, I just wanted to use the terminal instead. @t.zak902 , did you have anything else going on at the time of your update?

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This looks like a Font / Language setting issue. Not a hack or virus.

Rebooting should resolve this neatly and swiftly.

After reboot, re-check your updates.

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Yes, it hasn't happened to me since I rebooted after. I did some more digging and found an article referencing it. Its to use the, 'reset' command. Here's the link.

Hope this helps. I tried reset in the terminal just to see what would happen. For me, the command prompt went blank, then came back. I didn't have any gibberish, just wanted to see what it would do.


Yes it happens , i also had this happen, i believe i was using the Software updater & had the terminal minimised to the taskbar.
After the download had finished i opened my terminal from taskbar & i had the same thing ( alien text), after re-starting the terminal all was good again.
So a good idea to close all app's when updating, ( you may have seen while updating,, "update needs to close web browser to continue" ...
Just an intermittent glitch :+1:


Relax people, take a deep breath. It's a tiny glitch. If you're going to abandoned ship over so tiny minor thing you going to distro jump all day 365. :sweat_smile:

I just closed the terminal and restarted it and then it was back to normal.

Yeah I can see why that would be upsetting and scary at first. Especially with important documents.

This most likely occurred because the automatic software updater updated the fonts in the background, while you running apt update - depending on what you had open and what each instance of apt was doing the updated font was unable to update on the fly and reload in the memory - this can happen when software updater updates the files but your manual apt-update locks the fonts packages (right after the files updated) for an update check. This prevents a system wide on the fly reload. As mentioned above, reboot to fix, or kill wayland/xorg and relaunch the DE, but a reboot is best.

One time i was installing the AMD-Pro drivers and software updater updated the kernel, and i ended up with a smorgesborg of pro / native drivers and vulkan games worked but not DX11 games and it took me a bit to figure it out. lol

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