I've returned early


I've decided to return to the Zorin Forum a few days early because I'm in a good mood. And also because of a special thing that I had recently (I can't explain it here in this category because reasons).

I hope you're not too mad.


I don't think anyone is mad because you needed to take a break. We all need a break from time to time. Glad you are back and feeling better.


Thanks @citfta. I'm feeling better.


Good to know.

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It's good to see you in better spirits. While this is a place that tensions run high at times, try to remember that we are voluntarily here... all of us.... and that time away and keeping it in perspective will help keep you sane and a positive figure on the forum.

Welcome back... we're glad to see you again.

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I've seen such measures @337harvey, where the OP gets frustrated and starting to be offensive and one of the moderators had to close the thread because of that. I usually stay calm.

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