Jittery sound

Hi, i have an issue and it is driving me crazy. No matter what i listen too, either youtube on either firefox or chrome, or if i play a audio file that is stored on the system or something from spotify, the sound keep jittering and jumping. It is really annoying. I have tried google but not getting anywhere. Could anyone provide a possible solution. I am a noob to Linux / Zorin

I assume from your profile you have Z16 Core.
What sound card do you have?

Yes, Z16 core. I am usinfg Razer Nommo Chroma speakers via a usb lead. The soundcard is built in to the motherboard

Is it just those speakers, or do you have same problem with headphone?

Have you tried another USB port?

I have not tried headphones but i tried plugging the speakers in via the speaker lead instead of the usb, but still had the same issue. I will try another USB port and update shortly

Right, i installed Pulse Audio Volume control. unplugged the USB and put it in a different slot, rebooted the system and it all seems to be working normal now!!

Thanks for the help